Dimulakan dengan

Dimulakan dengan

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Assalamu'alaykum w.b.t,

How's everyone? Fine?Alhamdulillah, Allah has given us chance to live for one more day.Long time no write over here...What should I write here? hmmm....

Do you know the word 'haram'? It is the state of a work or deed that we shouldn't do, that if we do we got sin, do you know sin? in Malay: DOSA. There are some things that we can get a free sin for doing that, like: stealing, cheating, drinking alcoholic drink, gambling etc....

You must think:"What does he know about those things, like he hasn't done anything of those".

Alright then, to tell you the truth, I have gambled before (*O*). No, not by playing those stupid cards(oops, terkasar bahasa, sori), it's by playing the marbles (guli), it's if you win you can get what you get in that game, I've lost my fav marble in that game, kinda sad though(sigh).

(Okay, enough with my story, just move on with the subject already!)

As you all know, we need not do these kind of things, especially gambling, it's a waste of money:

"Wala tubazzir tabzira, innal mubazzirina kaanu ikhwana Sayathin wakana syaithanu lirabbihu kafura” (Al Isra : 27),

And we all must remember that we don't belong to this humongous world, because we are on our journey to a place that is 10^10000(not an accurate number) times humongous than this world. So, 'berkejarlah menuju kebaikan'(tak ingat la dalil dia apa).

Okay, who wants to comment, 'silakan', I DON'T CARE! Al muhim:

(correct me if I am wrong)


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