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Dimulakan dengan

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

PMR Journal (1)


So today is the second day of PMR. One two three papers on Monday, and four papers today making seven papers down. Seven papers mean four subjects done. BM, PI, English and Science. English was quite tough. But oh well. Don't bother about what has passed, focus on the next papers.

Tomorrow will be History and Mathematics. I wish all of you all the best. Don't panic. Relax. Relax.

I've noticed that PMR students have this bad habit of studying at the very last minute. Imagine, 10 minutes left to sit for the paper, and they are still discussing? Come on!! And then they start to panic when someone mention something that they never heard of. Realise!! You are doing no good, not only to yourself but to others. You let their focus go away...

And, and when one paper is over, they were still discussing answers. It is OK of the paper is paper one, to make sure you don't repeat the same mistake in paper 2, but to discuss and make it worser for the next paper? Ridiculous.

Oh and make sure, don't make silly idiot mistakes. Don't be over confident, because you may make a mistake in such a simple question. Do what ustazah said, answer the question more than once!

Lastly a reminder from what Ustazah Hamidah said, "Letakkan penggantungan kepada Allah. Ilmu tu Allah yang bagi. Tawakkal." During the exam, believe in Allah. Even if we are the cleverest human, even if we have the strongest memory, even if we study every single day and night, but if Allah doesn't want us to score in the paper, then we won't. Why? Because when Allah says, "Kun!" So, "Fayakun!"

To those who thinks they are weak, do have faith in Allah. To those who are confident enough, also do have faith in Allah. Last2 Allah result PMR dalam tangan Allah kan? Allah yang tentukan...

Yours truly,

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