Dimulakan dengan

Dimulakan dengan

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

EST!!!! Nooo!!

Assalamu'alaykum w.b.t,

I type this because this theme (is this word suitable?) have been discussed but only in a comment section, of course, not everyone is going to read a comment, right?

I heard this from Ustazah Fazliaton this morning, that:

"According to SMIH last year's SPM results, which no one got 1A for EST, and it's resisting the straight A's, Ustazah Kamaliah have decided to DROP (is this word suitable?) that subject for our SPM in 2009....."

But you all must understand, it is only a decision and it hasn't been officially announced... but it's 80% 'muktamad'. That is all.

(correct me if I am wrong)


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