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Dimulakan dengan

Monday, 19 November 2007



Ladies (and gents), I would like to divert your attention to the issue that matters our country.

Let see, I have very little information about the BERSIH protest rally, so if anyone is more knowledgeable, please inform it.

Kalau you guys have the slightest interest in the issue at hand, please proceed to this link

---> Minister of Information responds to Al-Jazeera report on Bersih rally.

The first thing you should know that, the English used by -ehem-, just read the transcript, you'll know.


BTW, that's the link to my bro's blog.


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multidimid said...

Read what the SIL says in the Al Jazeera Forum on Election reforms – “plethora of changes that have taken place by the election commission to make election process in Malaysia more free. Transparent ballot boxes, indelible ink being used to make sure the voters do not vote twice, trying to erase away from the electoral roll people who have passed on and things like that.”
Now what about the behind the scene moves in transferring voters and all the gerrymandering to divide a geographic are into voting districts so as to give unfair advantage to one party in elections?
Look at the Malaysian Parliamentary & State constituencies – all differing widely in size or population because of gerrymandering.

For those who have seen & heard the 101 East Forum Video Clip on the Bersih Protest discussion and if you have missed anything, here is the chance to reread and confirm in the transcript.