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Dimulakan dengan

Monday, 12 November 2007

I have no idea whatsoever..

okay, as you lot can see. I have a lame blog title. I do not have time to think or even re-think about it. So, brace yourselves for a more lousy entry. Because I do not have a clue about what I am going to say.
Hi guys,(means both gender, duh?!)
Okay.. hmmph..
Just curious. What are you planning for the school holidays?
I, myself, have tw brilliant ideas.
1. sit and eat all day in front of the telly. In which, qualifies me to be a couch potato.
2. read and busy myself with reasonable things to do other than being a couch potato.
So that's much it. And truth to be told, I am extremely bored. That is why, I am amusing myself with posting unnecessary post's in this teeny-weeny blog
and by that, I hope I am not making an airhead out of myself.

P.S please do not use abbreviations. It is not good. Says whoever.

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